Regional Names of Pongal – Other names of Pongal in India

India who is majority of people of conclude with business of agriculture and its land of agrarian society so festival of pongal is one of the popular festival of India and its observed in different region of India under the different names. So check out below the other names of Pongal in different parts of India.

This Festival of Harvest celebrated in India on the same day but its celebrate as different name in each region. But the main thing is its harvest festival, Feasts, Bonfires which are the common celebration for this Pongal festival. This year Pongal Festival celebrated on 14th January 2017 in India. So let’s see the various name of the Pongal and their celebration in different region with different way.

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Pongal Celebration in Different region of India with differnet way
Pongal Celebration in Different region of India with differnet way

Names of Pongal in different region


In the South Region of India, People are celebrated this harvest festival as a Pongal and its four day festival. On the occasion of that Pongal Day Tamil people of South region harvested rice and cooked it.

Makar Sankranti

In the Region of North India People Are celebrate this Festival as Makar Sankranti which also called as Uttrayan. This day are very exciting as on this occasion of Makar Sankranti People are do kite flying. People are flying colorful kites and eat foods.

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On the occasion of Kaanum Pongal, People are elaborate powdered chalk designs of the sun god and also drawn Surya . As soon as the auspicious month of Thai is underway, Surya is worship.


People of Punjab Celebrate this January Festival as a Lohri and they believe that this is the coldest day of the year so on that occasion Punjabi People on the Festival of Lohri celebrate as Dancing the Bhangra around a fire and eating rice and sesame seeds. Punjabi people sing folk songs and enjoy a day with full of joy.


Bhogin is the first day of the festival of pongal and it is celebrate to honor of god indra for rain. Many legend was told about this special day.

Thai Pongal

Thai Pongal is harvest festival and its just like the thankgiving day for the tamil people. On this special occasion all the tamil people get to gather rejoice and share the joy with family member and relatives.

Hadaga Festival

People of Maharashtra celebrate this day as a Hadaga Festival to pray for good monsoon for good harvest. On the occasion Maharashtra people are singing song of indra and pray for the rain. Moreover people are draw the pictures of elephant which is vehicle of God indra.

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