2017 Happy Makar Sankranti SMS in Hindi, Marathi, English

Check out here Happy Makar Sankranti SMS In Hindi, Marathi, English For sending on whatsapp, facebook, google+, android mobile etc – as you know new year 2017 is just few day ago and its celebration  throughout the globe amazing, but then there are some other culturally festival celebration into different countries like india. In India January Month Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Happy Lohri This festival are celebrated with highest honor.so here in this article we talk about India Makar Sankranti. Makar Sankranti is very popular festival, Where In india also called as a Harvest Festival and also in gujarat and other states people also kite festival too. People are flying kites (Patang) in the sky and whole day celebrate with joy.

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Indian Kite Festival Uttarayan Wallpaper 2017 – Happy Makar Sankranti

Check out Below the Indian Kite Festival 2017 Uttarayan Wallpaper, Images, Pictures, Photos- Everybody are busy on Kite flying in India on the day of 14th January. On the Occasion of Uttarayan many type of kites on different color, big, small all of them flying in the sky by the people and too many new variety comes day by day in the market. So send this below Makar Sanktanti festival images, pictures and wallpaper with your friends, family and relatives and make this auspicious day more and more joyful by sharing it on facebook, whatsapp, google+ etc.

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Regional Names of Pongal – Other names of Pongal in India

Pongal Celebration in Different region of India with differnet way

India who is majority of people of conclude with business of agriculture and its land of agrarian society so festival of pongal is one of the popular festival of India and its observed in different region of India under the different names. So check out below the other names of Pongal in different parts of India.

This Festival of Harvest celebrated in India on the same day but its celebrate as different name in each region. But the main thing is its harvest festival, Feasts, Bonfires which are the common celebration for this Pongal festival. This year Pongal Festival celebrated on 14th January 2017 in India. So let’s see the various name of the Pongal and their celebration in different region with different way. Continue reading “Regional Names of Pongal – Other names of Pongal in India”